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Essential Maintenance Tips to Get Your Car Race Ready

The maintenance of car is very important for its proper functioning and long life. There is no specific time for car service and maintenance but you should keep inspecting the car on a regular basis to get it race ready. Having a well maintained race car and giving it a tune up before your next track day, competition or national event will ensure your efforts in getting your car transport Perth to Sydney will not be in vain. The car inspection requires checking it both technically and physically as good vehicle maintenance not only provides effective performance but also increases its market price

Here is an important check list and tips of car maintenance that is required in every 3 months to boost your car race.

  1. Fluid for Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission mode works with a fluid. You need to check it during service for smooth functioning of the car.

  • Battery and Wires

The battery is the crucial part for any vehicle to start the engine and other electronic functions. Usually, a battery is replaced after a year or more but it needs to be checked after every 6000-kilometer distance covered by the car. 

  • Engine belts

The engine belts which are also known as timing belt help the engine to run effectively. If engine belt breaks during driving, it can cause serious damage to the engine. Thus, add it to your maintenance checklist too.

  • Air Filter of the Engine

Air filter has the significant role in protecting the engine of the car against dust and crude particles. If ignored, it can affect engine working so you need to clean it on a regular basis to set your car race smooth.

  • Exhaust System

The combustion taking place in the car engine releases hot gasses via the exhaust system. If there is some leak in the exhaust system, the harmful gasses may come inside the car. So you need to properly inspect the exhaust system and look for signs of leaks and damages.

  • Hoses

There are many hoses beneath the car which are just like pipes and supply of coolant etc. They need to be checked for softness, swelling and cracks etc. You should always pay attention to your hoses to protect fluids from leakage.

  • All Lights

There are various lights in a car such as headlights, taillights, mirror- mounted turn signal, fog lamps, and daytime running lights. Each of them has its own importance and function. All lights need to be inspected for right functioning.

  • Tire Pressure and Tread Condition

The tires of a car should be in good condition for a safe journey. Tire pressure and tread condition against cracks and bulges must be inspected before long travels and after3-4 days while driving at usual routes.

  • Washing Fluid of the Windshield

The windshield of the car requires washing fluid to clean the dirty windscreen. It should be checked on regular basis.

Car maintenance is something that you shouldn’t delay at any cost. Decreased horsepower, unsatisfying performance and increased fuel cost are all reasons behind improper car maintenance. So you need to seriously consider these tips in order to improve the life of your car and make it last longer.