Australian Drifting

Guide to Learning How to Drift

Having an experience that one never had before is absolutely fun and adventurous. Particularly when it comes to car sports, there is decent number that you can find from car racing to drifting and other kinds. But if you don’t own a sports car, what makes your road car fun-to-drive is drifting. No doubt, drifting sounds cool but requires you to know the right trick of doing it.

Drifting a car can become both easy and safe if you correctly follow the below steps.

Step 1- Beginning the Drift

If you own a road car, know that it doesn’t have high power that is required for perfect drifting but anyways we’ll help you out in this.

While driving reach the corner at some speed (30–40 mph), apply brakes to shift some weight to the front wheel but make sure not to lock the rear wheels.

Now when you apply brake before the corner, whereas the front of the car gets lower and rear becomes light allowing you to flick the steering towards the corner. At first, you might not do it rightly but practice it again and again until you become expert.

Step 2- Continue Drifting

Now continue the drift is thrilling and happening experience when car fully sideways with accurate angle. But here you need to play correctly with car’s throttle input and steering. This way by creating a balance between the two you can maintain the drift for a long time.


Step 3- Maintaining the Drift Transition

It is the most challenging phase of drifting where the transition gets too hard and the car may spin easily and you’ll possibly under steer. How to do it rightly? Again you need practice and learn to over rotate the car slightly right before you start changing the direction. And when the car is shifting directing, let the steering wheel spin in your hands.


So this is how you can easily drift your car correctly but keep in mind that you should only try it on public roads. Just find some safe area and enjoy drifting without causing any harm to pedestrians and road traffic.